Friday, October 28, 2011

The Song In You

It's a heady experience to achieve a long time dream.  Definitely a mind blower and affirmation for never giving up.  Yet is it the norm to accomplish a daunting goal...perhaps a lifetime dream or a vision you carried for years?  I dare say it is not only because I've seen too many people die feeling unfulfilled and questioning what it was all about.  I've seen seniors looking back with a feeling of wasted years having acomplished maybe what society says is enough but not what they wanted.  Unachieved goals, ignored callings and those attempts to do something that just never would pan out.  All this falls under the heading of a song that's in you.

Henry David Thoreau wrote: Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.

The first time I read that it sent chills up my arms.  I was much younger then and the thought was depressing to say the least.  I think maybe that is when I made a decision to push harder and hang in there longer to achieve my own personal dreams of which the hardest would be to become a traditionally published writer.  I am pleased and most thankful to say the Lord has blessed me to get there.  The journey was not easy or quick but the impetus that propelled me was threefold.  First it was what I loved doing.  Second it was a perfect fit for my personality and life and third, the most important was it became a calling from GOD.  These three factors sustained me during the rough times...mostly knowing this was GOD's will for me.   It was a dream I often felt like would never come true yet I couldn't stop my pusuit of it.  My spirit pushed me past the many rejections and countless criticisms.  My ego was trampled time and time again and all I got from GOD was that this was boot camp for the soul.  I was on the right path and stay there and do what needed to be done.  So ego bruised, emotionally battered and mentally frustrated I kept going.  Writing became second nature.  I am a learn as I go person and that's just what I did and am still doing,  I'm grateful for the guidance of the Holy Spirit and help from everyone who has invested their money, time and efforts into my work.  From the bottom of my heart I thank you all. 

That being said I close with the point I wanted to make from the start.  Don't give up on your dreams.  Keep plugging no matter how impossible it may seem.  If your dream comes from GOD then you should KNOW it can happen because with GOD all things are possible.  He's  master at turning things totally around in an instant.  Dreams keep us hopeful and hope is necessary to make this spiritual journey with Christ Jesus.  Do you have a song in you that needs to come out?  Whatever your vision is for your future start making a move toward it now.  Don't go to your grave with your song still in you.  We are all meant to sing at least one of our special songs in this life if we dare and if we persist.  I for one am singing one of mine now and it's a wonderful thing to be able to do.  I'll tell you this with all sincerity; it's worth pushing through the hard stuff to get there.  

May GOD grant you favor, my friends