Monday, September 27, 2010


      Writing has always been what I loved to do next to reading.  As young as six years old I was trying to write my own little stories patterned after the Golden Books and primers I read in school.  I couldn't write cursive yet so I was printing out my little tales in those black and white composition books.  My memories of those days illustrate how long the Lord has been preparing me for this calling.  It astounds me that through all my twists and turns [and believe me there were many] I at last got to this place, the right place.  As the singer, Marvin Sapp croons, I never would have made it...  And I wouldn't have if it wasn't for the Lord on my side and in my corner.  This I know without a doubt.  Even when I wasn't saved and seldom gave Him a thought, He had me.  When I was living for world and myself, doing my own thing as we baby boomers use to say, He sheltered me and guided me through my mess.  For thirty-nine years he watched as I took road after endless road to nowhere, although at the time I thought I was going somewhere.  Not knowing my Jesus as Savior and friend and not caring to find out yet He kept me in His sites.  Every now and then when I really got too far off the track, He would push me back closer to where I should be.  Hind sight is surely 20/20 and I can see clearly now what I didn't have a clue about back then.

      So getting published by a company like Moody's LEVB and maybe getting a deal from yet another interested publisher is a wonderful thing indeed but it's been a long time coming.  This has been a lifetime route with a lot of detours but I have faith  my GOD has it covered and this is HIS show.  It was an unction I had from the beginning apparently...a gift from GOD to be used for HIS purpose.  Until I was HIS and in the right spiritual condition He never let it fully come out.  Bottom line...this was HIS show and HE wasn't about to let HIS program get overshadowed or swallowed up by the world.  Whatever lies ahead for my writing career I'm resolute in Christ Jesus being center attraction.  I have nothing against secular writing.  I often read secular books but that's not what I write.  I write from a place of who I am and I am a child of The Most High GOD, born again follower of Jesus The Christ.  I consider it an honor to be entrusted to serve the Lord with the powerful human medium...words.  Words are more then letters strung together on paper, a computer screen or spoken.  They're spirits that ascend to the higher realm and unlock GOD's process and communication for HIS human creation.  Words are powerful triggers for our minds that have far reaching effects on us mentally and more importantly spirituality.  GOD chose words as a main way to communicate to us and with us.  So writing with a Kingdom agenda is a hefty responsibility.   My writing in whatever genre  will reflect just that.  This ability I've been blessed with is a most cherished gift from GOD and I'm purposed to use it for HIS glory.

Be Blessed, My Friends

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


So what is there interesting in my life to blog about about...nothing much I'd say.  Nothing except I'm anxiously waiting for contract negotiations on my very first book deal with Moody Publishers, LEVB.  LEVB has accepted a historical romance from me and wants to publish it!!  Woo hoo, that's a real big deal to me and one I have worked toward for years.  Writing is a pleasure but when I began envisioning it as a professional endeavor it became something more.  It wasn't solely a career move at first but a calling to use an ability for the Lord's Kingdom.  I had no thoughts of ever being published beyond printing copies for my friends or church.  Little by little the vision expanded and I'm sure it was through the Holy Spirit's tender guidance.

GOD has a thing for the least likely I'd say.  The Bible demonstrates it over and over again from the Old to the New Testaments.  Noah, Moses and Gideon for example were not exactly who we would consider candidates for the gargantuan tasks they performed for GOD.  Apostle Paul was so far from anyone we would have picked to be on fire with the Gospel till it's not funny but The Lord zeroed in on the least likely and worked it out to accomplish His purposes.  I consider myself not equal of course to those Biblical dynamos but in the same class of least likely being given the job of writing for the glory of GOD.

It's a wonderful gift, an awesome honor and great privilege as a born again believer.  This is not just false humility either.  I realized a while ago what my calling actually entailed and it was scary.  It brought out the enemy big time and consequently my life was torn up [for various reasons].  This is no small task I've been given so I can't handle it any other way other then what it is...GOD's thing.  I know this book deal was all the Lord's doing.  I know it was because Jesus is all over this thing and I'm thankful He is.  Wouldn't have it any other way.  As much as I would love for it to be, it's not about me.  It's about what I'm suppose to do for the Kingdom of GOD.  I pray to stay focused on the prize, eternity with The Christ and doing my divinely designated job well.  It won't hurt to have a little fun along the way that's for sure but I'm mainly hoping to be worthy, wise and willing for my unknown destiny...keeping my gaze upward.

Glory To GOD!!!